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About halfway into town we switched driving. When we got into town we pulled into a parking lot and switched back with Teri driving. These pics are of her driving in town and then pulling into a hotel parking lot to get dressed to go out for the evening. The freeway offramp overlooks this parking lot and we had a steady honking of horns as she got dressed in full view of the people driving by. One of my favorite pics is the last one in this contri. In fact, I will probably make it the first pic of part 3 also!!! As you watch her get dressed in part 2 and part 3, you may wonder if this is all she really wore when we went out. Yes, it is! And for those of you who think we go to a strip club because she works there---No, she is not a stripper, we go to a private club for couples, not a strip club. Even for there, what she wears is pretty daring!!! LOL She loves your comments, reads every one of them! She has also started responding to some! ***Wait til you hear what happened in Part 3!!!

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