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Well, I got to thinking (dangerous) and I posted some pics on voy-zone but not on naturist. So i figured lets see what the naturist boys and girls think. I might add here if you dont have a nudistmembership I would get one. Nothing better than seeing everyday people exposing themselves to the world. Lots of fantastic shots there. So anyways this is my naturist contri. Men and Woman can enjoy. I take these pictures for my funny little honey pricess leia, she is taking a break from posting and passed the torch to me to see what kind of responses i got. Oh yeah before I forget just a reminder to the gay bashers who make cowardly comments. 1. your wimps because you never leave emails for people to bash back at you 2. You have LDS (figure it out yourself) 3. Your single because you cant plaease a woman 4. Dont be selfish not everything on the websites is just for guys, let the ladies have some fun. You would be surprised that your little lady would love to jump in the sack with another guy just like you would. Fair is fair. And a comment from my self...thanks to all the great people at naturist and nudistand the beautiful people that contibute...espeically JFOXXX and !Natalie!, you girls posses natural beauty that the greek gods would be jealous of. Oh and dont forget Mall hottie Brooke, dont clean up your room, its more natural that way

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Yup... it's another anniversary!I just counted, and this is my 29th contri since September 2000 (how many of them have you seen??? LOL) A lot of people ask why I don't have my hubby takemy pics. I guess that's because I just enjoy doing itmyself! I've always enjoyed a good challenge, and turning my ideas into photos on my own is one of the most exciting challenges I've found. I'd hate having someone else try to interpret my ideas, and figuring out ways to take some of the more difficult shots is a thrill (plus they turn out better when I do them myself). I recently bought a tripod, so I no longer have to worry about where to balance the camera. I just took a set for the *WO contest using it, and it's SO much easier!! You'll see those shots in another week or two, and I can't wait to try out the tripodsome more! Thanks for all the great comments... I try to reply to them whenI can (but no promises... LOL... andI never emailpics). Sorry if I can't always find time to reply, but the family comes first, and for some reason taking new pics seems to come second... hope you don't mind. ;-) I've had a great two years posting here on naturist, andI really look forward to continuing with the fun!

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