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Skyye and I haven't been hitting it off lately. Everytime I walk into the music shop, she punks me with attitude. "What, I don't even get a hello?" I hate it when girls act like that. If it were up to me, I would give her a hug everytime I go in there. But I don't want to seem desperate. See Skyye doesn't know that I'm just playing hard to get. What can I say? Sometimes you have to get the girl to come to you right? And if ignoring her will get her attention, then it works for me. Most of the time, I will walk around her store looking at CD's, and act like I don't see that she is working. We're supposed to be friends, but we're not as good of friends as she thinks. Here are some more pics from the night Skyye and I went out together. We're hanging out again next week. Don't worry, I'll have my trusty camera.

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After a tour into Rome's beauties here we are at the Central Station waiting a train(maybe) a train called Desire. Are there some couples who want take it with us? Eccoci alla Stazione Termini in attesa di poter prendere quel treno che ci faccia vivere emozioni sottili con altre coppie che sembrano essere effimere tanto da sparire nello spazio di un messaggio. Ci chiediamo: come mai tanto timore per scambiare due chiacchere senza sentirsi compromessi in un amicizia non gradita? La conoscenza e il sale della vita merita sempre allargare gli orizzonti oltre il giardino di casa. Un saluto a Caty per la sua simpatica ironia e voglia di sapersi mettere in gioco. Non siamo interessati allo scambio foto.

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