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Built For Wicked Weasel We've just been on vacation with our new camera and after the comments received previously, I felt confident enough to do a photoshoot on the sand one afternoon! Had to keep stopping because the looks from guys and girls passing was making me wet! My boyfriend says that I was built for Wicked Weasels. What do you think? Votes and comments please! xxxxxxx Photo Comments: Pic 1. Just dropping my pants casually! :-) Pic 2. There really is nothing of this one, but feel horny in it Pic 3. My man loves this one, not to mention some of the men on the beach! Pic 4. miaow!! Pic 5. This WW is not only minute but see thru when wet. Pic 6. Like the front? Sorry about the blur but........ Pic 7. Making sure everyone on the plage gets a good look!! :-) Pic 8. Oiled up! Pic 9. He insisted on this one for some reason. Said tummy looks great! Pic 10. Sneak preview of the theme of next contri.....if ure nice!!! xx

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TITLE: Mad Germans or River Bank Strip or Munich Public Park It's about time I share with your devoted gawkers some of the 1000+ pictures I've shot over the years. These 9 are a typical sequence I shot one morning on the banks of the Isar River in a public park in downtown Munich, Germany. I suddenly saw this couple starting to undress and I had to start shooting without properly securing my position. I was basically out in the open, and as you can see from the last couple of frames, I was spotted. The guy started swearing at me at the top of his lungs (in German) and throwing big pebbles at me. Good thing there was 50 feet of river between us. Later in the day I happened to walk right by him as he was packing his car. He scowled at me and my swinging camera, but wasn't sure. I kept my eyes straight ahead. Oh, the risks of field work! But here are the rewards... [email protected] (email address safe to publish)

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