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Hello to everyone in Kate's naturist Land! Summer is officially over, and with it the cookouts, weekend get-togethers, and Tribe time at Jacob's field. I found this sexy little bra a couple of months ago, but the afore mentioned kept us busy. Now the weather has grown colder and we've returned to our favorite indoor sport, erotic photography. I decided it would be fun to do something with this old cheval mirror a friend bought for me a couple of years ago. Posing in front of it, I felt romantic and sexy. Jim asked what we should call this set? It seemed obvious, and suited to the whimsical pictures, to title it "Through the Looking glass". I hope you like them, and that some of you who've been sending me mail asking what happened to me will be happy to know that we were just on summer hiatus…LOL. For those of you with Red clouds access, the more "fantastic" pics will be posted there. Licks and kisses…..

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Moneypenny Wins Miss Bondage! 2 Of 3 Moneypenny's now made it to the Disco at Hedo (Pajama Night) and "RayRay" didn't even look twice at me at the door. He signed her up for Miss Bondage in the contest and I could not be more proud! I love it when she shows off her body, but in her position, she has to ""behave" around town. At Hedo, it's time to be "Wicked" and mean it:) Here, Moneypenny works it on the dance and makes many new friends. If you like Moneypenny, please keep an eye out for part 3 and leave a message letting Moneypenny know what you'd like to do with (or to) her:) I'd Rather Be Naked, Bond

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