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My wife Sue and I are fans of the great outdoors. Sue just can't seem to resist stripping down as soon as we get close to nature. Who am I to complain? When we visited Death Valley the scenic overlook at Zabriskie Point proved too much of a temptation and off came the clothes. The two guys who came upon us didn't object to Sue's posing - in fact they stayed to watch the whole show. I got a couple of shots of Sue posing with them but only with the stipulation that they would never be seen on the internet (jealous girlfriends, ya know?) I hope she turns on everybody else the way she turned me and the other tourists on! We have lots more pics to share if the comments on the BB are favorable.

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Hello the most wonderful Kate and Crew......thanks to you andall of yourawesome voyeurs who voted me best overall in January for "Another Boring Blowjob".....(and for those of you who did...this contri ends in a good BJ too... my husband loves to photograph them most I think....) Yadda yadda yadda.... anyway its just me "Kimberly" back with a little twist.... Just a few changes for the spring.... hehe seems everytime we take pics near this pool table...... I tend to get a lil carried away..... First the pool table brush and now this.... Was one of the weirdest experiences for me so far.... hehe I hope you all enjoy and remember "its all the fun that ends in pleasure".... Wink....

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