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Well, it was a nice sunny day out (can you tell by my squinting?), though cold (about 40 degrees), so my husband and I headed down to the peninsula at Presque Isle State Park to take some pictures, something I always wanted to do. There are sidewalks and bike paths all over where people can take strolls and enjoy the scenery (you can see some on the sidewalks behind me in the first couple of shots). I figured I'd give them something more to look at : ) There was a guy and his 10-yr. old son fishing right behind where I was taking pictures the whole time. Also, the blue pick-up truck you can see in the parking lot in one of the shots stayed there a reaaally long time, with the guys inside just sitting there, apparently doing nothing, hehe The big piece of stonework behind me in some pics is Perry Monument, set up in honor of the Battle of Lake Erie in which he took part. Enjoy!

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