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Hey everyone! Hope life is treating y'all good! I don't know if you've ever watched the show Will and Grace, but if you have, then you'll know where I got this idea from for this photo shoot. Sometimes at the beginning of the show, for their "Stay Tuned" ad, they do a little bit where they use photo frames. Well, one night while watching the show, I saw that and thought, "What a cool idea!" So, I started rounding up as many photo frames as we had around the house, in all different sizes. I get tired of doing the same ole type of pics all the time, so I'm always looking for something unique and different to do. I thought this set came out really good and I loved the fact that it was different, so I wanted to share it with everyone. I hope y'all enjoy the pics too! Wet kisses everyone........ http://erotic.voy-zone.com/sara

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I'm addicted. That's all I can say. Now I have to try and outdo myself for every picture. The response that I've gotten from the BB is absolutely amazing. I feel like I've got to get even more daring in return. Here are some pics from Disney World, on an elevator, beside a street, and in WalMart. My BF and I have already been thinking about Alysha #6. We will rent a convertible and take some pics on the road. I'd love to hear some comments. Sorry about the quality of some of these pics. We bought a new digital camera to try out and we had some problems with it. We'll be getting a better one for #6. Please title "Alysha In Public 5". Alysha Photos taken by my boyfriend

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