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Hiya Kate and crew, Thanks for all the wonderful responses to Lora Goes Public. This set is the second part of that fun evening. These pics are a little different than most of mine. They are more snapshots and spontaneous shots...not posed. Hope eveyone likes them.The first two are self portraits in the car on the way from the park to the mall. Number 3 and 4 are me filling up, hehe. Numbers 5, 6 and 7 are at the mall. Number 6 is my personal favorite, the door was about to open, lol. I'd love to hear from all my old friends out there and some new ones too! Watch for a set soon with a new friend, Amy. I saw her in Nude in Public and just had to meet her... Kisses,

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Okay...since I've been m-i-a over the last few years, I haven't posted any pics to naturist, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been collecting them. Here's a small sample of what's to come in the coming months. Maybe I can encourage others to get out there and do the same. I don't want to flood the board with upskirts as I know people will grow tired of them. So I will try to keep giving you just enough to make you want more...hopefully. :) I absolutely love night clubs + hot girls + alcohol. As I said in previous posts...voyeurism can turn into all out exhibitionism if every thing works out for you. Enjoy!

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