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Hey guy. Check out the new set I made for us!I am going to start teaching a new class and had to go get all my certifications updated. As you guys know, I am an instructor at the local gym. What you might not know is that I've kinda let myself get out of shape, sooo ... I took some pictures of some yoga poses and made a set for you. Now, if you would be so kind, help me track my progress!!! I'll do another similar set in 6 weeks and we will just see how far I've come! If you have any questions about what the names of the poses are or if you think you have a good guess let me know in chat or shoot me an email! Wish me luck!!

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Hellonudist crew,fans, and friends!! Someone asked Highlander about "public" in the background, we try to get as much public as we can when wetake NIP pics. Thanks toHeide, my wonderful and sweet friend, we have come a long way since we first started taking pictures.Here are a few of my own that we have done. Heide did take place in a few of these. In fact she was the one who took the restaurant pictures for me. I think she likes me!!! Ha!!! (Love ya babe!) In the last contribution we left out some of my favorites for the dare list. I wanted to share them with you.At thisbustop downtown, if you look closely you will see a side of Heide in the background. Before we went downtown to be naughty we picked some corn and we look like 2 little girlsgetting into trouble!!The third is inside a malltalking on the pay phone half naked! Being at the restaurant was so much fun! I think one of the waiters gave mea tip! Ha! The emergency phone was in the same underground parking lot that Heide and I took pictures at. This was coming close to the end of our night. One day I went out for a walkdown this beautiful nature trail. Needless to say it was a hot day and even hotter night!!! Hehehe! The last is dedicated to one of my fans at the airport. Do you see the 3rd person? I had lots of fun with these and can't wait to go back out for more! Thankyou to everyone who left comments for us. Ilove reading them. Enjoy! Love,

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