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Oh, two things.... First, for those of you that like to whine about the "bluring"; STOP! I am sharing my body with you because I like to show it; be happy and thankful that I do. The votes are nice because it shows your appreciation but are not the reason I show off. I just like being looked at and being fucked good by whoever I CHOSE and Hubby allows! If you behave, maybe one day Hubby will let you fuck me if I pick you.... Don't worry about the blur; trust me, you will not be desapointed and I know you would not turn me down if I wanted you to fuck me. The question is, could you do it hard and nasty for as long as I want you to?

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Hello again my darlings! Ok, can I just say WOW! My last contri(SexyJoy Says Thanks)has netted me over 300 comments! I can barely keep up with them all...but I do, really! Everyone has been very sweet(or very dirty)and I love it all! I get lots of requests and I will really try to do as many as I can. A lot of folks want to see more feet stuff so I'm working on that. And for those of you who contribute pics I say, keep up the good work! My man and I love to get off looking at your pics. A couple of answers to some questions: my car is a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2001, yes I am married, but I get around! I live in Vegas, but I'm from a really small town in the midwest(and I miss that part of the country), and I have a normal job, but I do a little X-Rated web stuff and legitimate modeling on the side. I do not have a web site, and my finger nails do "change" from time to time. Hope you all enjoy this set of pics and trust me, we are working on some new stuff just for RC'ers. Plus, we are still looking for girls and couples to pose with me and we are trying to get to all those who have responded to this request. Oh, sorry to those of you who don't like "posed" pics...but I do love to "pose"! Love ya all! Kisses and Hugs,

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