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Hi, my name is Phil, and I live in Yorkshire, UK. These photos are self-portraits, with the backgrounds removed, that I provide sometimes for artists where I model nude. If youhave enjoyed my photos, please leave your comments and also e-mail address if you would like me to write" Photo 1 - Front wet nude I took after a shower to show the effect of water on flesh Photo 2 - Wet nude rear Again taken after a shower to show the effect of water on flesh Photo 3 - Perspective view rear This self-portrait I took to show what an impact perspective has, life classes find these views very demanding to draw

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I hate taking the bus. Thank fuckin god my hot co-worker gave me a ride home the other day. It's hella funny cause he's asking lots of questions about my pix n stuff since I told him about it and my website but he's kinda shy. I think he's gonna get us in trouble at the office once he figures out I'm not the good girl he once thought LOL. Why do guys assume most chicks are all innocent and shit? We like sex just as much as you guys do! I was pretty fuckin horny when he dropped me off and was in a mood to take some pics. I imagine he must have a pretty thick cock, and I'm excited that at least if we get fired for doing it at work I won't have to deal with the commute anymore. Its win-win! LOL

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