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Well It fially happened to me ater hearing so many other people talk about it. I was in a Yahoo chat when I read an enticing lil phrase scroll accross the screen..." couple in looking for guy in Northern NC southern VA for wifes first MFM 3some" So naturally I replied that i lived only an hour or so away. 4 hours later i arrived at their house and the rest was history. They were a really cool couple and a lot of fun. I was a lil nervous about that too, since you never know what kind of freaks are out there, lol! These pics mostly show me getting a blow job. So i guess they can go in the JO section. I have some others from an old g/f and hopefully some new ones with a current lady, so look for em! Hope you all enjoy!

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I got the slimline G not only to arouse my GF but also in hopes that she would let me make our first contribution for all of you to see. I told her how the toy test system works and she said she was game to give it a try:)))) She loves the slimline and uses it not only by itself but also keeps it close while we're having sex. Her favorite is to place it between us during, so that as I thrust it rubs with varing pressure. Sort of a strange shape she thought when I first brought it out, but now it is a staple if not our favorite. I know she would love to hear all your comments which might lead to even more future contributions.

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