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Yo! As always we MUST THANK YOU ALL for the votes and wicked cool comments!! Good or bad love to hear from ya'll. Honestly I need to be quick, this was a total surprise for me on Friday afternoon. Kitty's girlfriend showed up they conspired a hot send off for me. My job is sending my crew out to Kettle Falls Washington on some bridge re-wire and I'm gone for 3 to 4 weeks. I'm leaving in a few hours. Kitty's GF showed up and this clip is the end, when I have more time I'll send the crazy GG shit. Strap on, double header they put on an insane show. She is gonna stay up here with Kitty for a couple weeks, check them out around Gold Strand I left them with the camera. Greetings from Oregon.

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Greek Goddess - Second Time - Bebeka: First of all I would like to thank all of you guys for all your wonderful comments. I must say that I wasnit expecting such a response. I am trying to answer to all of you so write to me with your e-mails. You can also send me your e-mails. I am also working on your requests and we are taking so many pics just for you. Finally please donit forget to vote for me. Episeis thelw na eyxaristisw olous tous ellines poy moy egrapsan me ta kalytera sxoleia. Paidia sas eyxaristw kai na min jexname pos I kaliteri diaskedasi einai to sexOO xixixi!!! Kisses to everybody until the next contrib. which I promise it will be very O. HOT!!!

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