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Alright guys... I finally did it....thats right! After talking about it FOREVER...I finally took your advice and I changed my hair. I couldn't take ALL the green out so I left a little in. Now I just have a green streak or two....but no more totally green hair. So what do you guys think? Its nice to finally change...I just hope its not to boring. I liked being different but I have had it for so long it was getting kinda I need to get a job! Im looking for part time work while I go to the JC. I think this hair style will be a bit more acceptable. Least thats the idea. I can still be a punk rocker at heart. Can you tell I am trying to convince myself that I did the right thing?

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Hi Guys & Gals. Cherrie here. I was telling you all about the day Alyssa and I took pics all day then grabbed a hotel room to wind down in...we saw Alyssa in the hot tub...well, that refreshed her and she started to get dressed so we could go out. Always ready for a photo opp, I had her do some poses for you all in just her panties. Hope you like them. Have you been to Copulation Station? It's my new couples site where it's all about sex and I'm glad to say it's up and running. I'll have new couples all the time so be sure to visit often. I'll also be updating the Harem soon so drop by there as well. Can you handle that much porn? (Say "Sure") See you later. Hugz,Cherrie

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