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Hi, I sent some pics a couple of weeks ago to the naturist site but you emailed me back that they were too hot and asked my permission to put them on Red Clouds. I gave my permission for you to do so and I signed up to Red Clouds today and was dissappointed not to find them there. So I decided to resubmit them to you. These are pics of my Husband who works the nightshift. He wears eyeshades and uses earplugs so he can sleep during the day. Now that the weather is warming up here in California, he usually sleeps in the nude. On this particular day, he was fully on top of the sheets, and I couldn't resist so I took these shots with his digital camera. These are for all the ladies out there. Enjoy. Please do NOT post my email address. Thanks !

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Hi Guys: I sent some pics in last week, and I was told they were too hot for private shots. SORRY... I had these taken by a girlfriend of mine, and I think I tamed these down a bit. Like I mentioned previously, I have been working out and tanning, and I think I have my idol, Dr. Pam, beat. How about a little friendly competition between the good DR. and myself. I think the people would enjoy it. I know I would. I did not hear from my idol last set of photos, so I hope she is watching. I also hope all of you other men and women are watching as well. Please title these Friendly Competition. Love and kisses,

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