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Rose: Days of Wine and Roses Thorn and I have always tried to steal moments away from everything and everybody and just spend time together. Of course at various times we found it extremely difficult to do this, like when the kids were little or work pressures were such that it seemed we never had a free weekend. Even now after being together for so long, we still try to escape as often as we can. We have always favored places where we could be apart from anyone else, and since ‘Rose’ appeared we have used these times to take a few pictures! *W* I have just about gotten used to Thorn suddenly exclaiming “don’t move – I’ll just get the camera”! Anyway these were taken on such a moment one beautiful Sunday afternoon in the country. Thorn, who has occasional moments of poetic inspiration, says these are his days of wine and roses! *LOL* Rose @--}----

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