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Part Two: Hi everyone, especially Kate. It has been awhile since we last posted. The holidays have kept me way too busy. No real story behind these. I just bought a new outfit and decided we needed to take a few pictures. This will be a 3 or 4 contri set. It will get naughtier as it goes along, so be patient. I was hoping to get some NIP shots but I just have not had the opportunity. I will be going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans though and hope to get some pics there. Do you think I should wear this outfit there. I love to receive all of the good comments and try to return messages to as many as possible. I REALLY love the comments from the ladies. We also especially look forward to all comments from couples and women in the Southern CA area. Have a happy new year and hope to hear from you soon.

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Marry XMASS to you!!!!! Hello Kate, staff, and friends. Did you know that Monza is a delightfull medioeval town worldwide famous for F1 competition, and rich of historical reminds. the "Duomo" a Cathedral, you see at my back 1100 Y/O has been bilt by a beautifull longobardian princess named Teodolinda. the "Villa Reale" made on same "tracks" of Versailles. and also a busy fashion town whome small streets get croudy with costumers and curious as xmass comes closer. It has been exciting posing on a saturday afternoon in front of the Duomo half an hour before Liturgy! Suddenly. at the back of Mauro appared some guys; they standed all time long watching at me and at my pussy!! It was fucking cold but I'm glad have won my inner limit and showed beauty can be pure and fun. do you agree? Watch the contry and tell me your impressions. WATCH OUT! Look on 7th pic the little black and brown dogs. What eyes!!! The dogs look more excited than human beings around. :-)) We apologise for the low quality of some shots, it has been the first time using digital camera. Thanks for your comments last contry, it has not been possibile answer to all, but keep on voting me, and write me please. Your comments have been great. Yours Elise Spero queste immagini possano scaldarvi durante le notti fredde di dicembre . :-)) Ho apprezzato i vostri appassionati commenti, e anche se non ho potuto rispondere a tutti continuate a scrivermi; Mi raccomando. votatemi. E' stata la prima volta che mi esibivo nuda in citta e non e stato facile. le foto sono fatte velocemente sia per il freddo che per i vigili che giravano per i vicoli del centro. Le foto infatti sono molto spontanee e con qualche problema di messa a fuoco, dovuta all'inesperienza nell'usare la nuova macchina digitale. Cmq dietro le spalle di Mauro si e creata una folla di uomini che stavano a guardarmi. Alla fine solo uno si e offerto di fare la foto con me. Tutti però anno applaudito, persino una signora sui 50. Grazie a tutte le coppie che si sono fatte avanti per scambiare foto e altro. cercheremo di accontentare tutti. Un bacione dalla vostra Elise. Ciao

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