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Hello! We are back! We asked our fans for some idea on what to show next, and the most frequent answer was: sex, more sex! And then, on a thread at Sams place, people suggested using ice cubes. Think think think: quick, Sandra jumps in her new lingerie (wanting to show all of you ladies and man what she got), and then we open the fridge and find a new plaything there! ;-) In the second part of this contri, we get to the real thing! (coming soon thanks to the wonderful crew at RC). We blow many kisses to the few real couples with whom we swap pictures, and a big big hug to all our fans worldwide! !!! Please leave comments and vote for us! Sandra and Christian Kommentar auf deutsch sind willkommen und erwunscht! J Nous nous rejouissons des commentaires en francais!!! J

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WOW! Hey folks! Thank you so much for all of the comments! You all were so nice:) Sheila had a great time and had a huge smile on her face after reading all of your comments. Some of those that left comments couldn't believe that a beautiful woman could be insecure with her looks. I always tell her that what real people think is attractive is quite different from what the media says is attractive. I sure am glad that she has some meat on her sexy bones and isn't a stick like some of those so called super models. You all really did make her feel good with your comments, and me, as her husband would like to say a huge THANK YOU!!! to all of you and to Kate for having this site. For those that asked, we cannot show her face, sorry. But here is some shots of her with a bit less clothing from the same set! Please keep the comments coming. She will try to reply to as many as possible when we return from our vacation next week! Again...she is Bi Cur (well...pretty sure she is very bi:) Not much doubt about that!) And we are in the NW US. She loves to hear from all but esp. the bi ladies! P.S. The pics should be loaded by now! Enjoy

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