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Kate, Sailor, Asher et all. This was a little unexpected.I was out shopping around andsaw this PJ set that I thought would be very comfortable for Bliss, No intent on a photo op when I got it. Well, she liked it so much that she just wanted to show me just how much she liked it. And well when Bliss says get the cam I get the cam and you all get the rewards also. Hope you all enjoy and remember to check out all of Bliss' picutures at her sites) PS, any Ohio members interested in getting together for a little Ohio naturist party leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

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Hi Kate, June, Jerry, Asher, Sailor, Sanchez and Everyone. During one of our adventures we discovered an old disused landing jetty. To one side was this uprooted tree that immediately caught my attention for photos. :) It had obviously been there for a long time, possibly dragged out of the lake at some point. Through having been underwater and then exposed to the elements, it had a beautiful polished like finish. We went back 3 times during the course of last year to take photos, each time to no avail, as the lake was busy with fishermen and speedboats. One evening in October, I figured it was about as quiet as it would get and took the plunge. Two men in their fishing boat watched quietly and respectfully from a safe distance, whilst speedboats whizzed by in succession seemingly oblivious to our escapades. It was both exhilarating and completely nerve wracking for me!!! :) To see more 'Driftwood' as well as a collection of our photos (including all our previous contributions to nudist) please visit: Take care,

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