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On a recent trip to California I (BNG) hooked up with an old friend (Nooner) to document a photo shoot. The intention was to combine our talents, I would video the shoot while he shot still pics. We scheduled the shoot with his HOT American Indian friend. But, she failed to show. So Nooner being a man of action quickly called her roommate. The following are some vid caps of this sweet young girl. We had a few beers, played some pool, and got naked. She was too much for both of us, as you can see in one shot we both grabbed her and tried to rip off those baby blue shorts. Being the lady that she is, she obliged.

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Hello everyone. I'm Kendra, I'm 58 and I haven't posted in several years. I feel I'm a little too old to post anymore but my husband feels differently. He say's I look fantastic for my age and am a very sexual person and need to show my beauty and that age is just a number, so I'll give it another try. We went to the playa the other evening and here's the results. I cannot show my face due to my profession and co- workers but if I get some good comments and post again, I just might say to hell with them and show it. My husband wanted to post the heading 58 milf you decide so I did. Don&'t know what kinda reaction I will get from you all but I do like reading your comments and will try and answer you if you include somewhere to write you. Kendra xoxoxox

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