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Ero indecisa se mandare questo secondo servizio , ma poi i molti messaggi negativi sulla mia persona , mi stimolano a continuare,ringrazio molto tutti quelli che mi hanno fatto i complimenti che sono sempre graditi.Vedo anch'io che ho un po' di pancetta , basterebbe indossare una guepiere per nasconderla,ma io sono così nel bello e nel meno bello , ma sono vera e mi vedo ancora presentabile.Un bacio a Andreas ed a tutti gli amici veri , ancxhe per i denigratori che comunque sono simpatici anche loro- Was undecided if send this second service, but then the many negative messages on my person, they stimulate me to continue, I thank much all those that they have done me the compliments that I/they am always goodi.i look also self that I have some bacon, would be enough wear a guepiere for hide it, but I am as in the beautiful and in the less beautiful, but I/they am true and I see me still .A big kisses to Andreas and to all the true friends and also to the denigrators that however are me nice also their

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Rose - Better Late Than Never! Well, here it is, more than halfway through February 2003 and I am only just starting my naturist adventures for the year! After 4 years you would think I would be more on top of things wouldn’t you *grin*. I guess life has been pretty busy lately, and sometimes the things you have to do take precedence over the things you would like to do. It seemed appropriate to begin the year with a few pics of me getting out of bed late one Sunday morning. The symbolism of starting a new day seemed to fit with starting a new year at naturist. So, anyway, here we go again ... it is good to be back. Rose @--}----

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