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Merci In The Woods Brrrrrrr it is still too cold to do much at the strand, maybe soon! We thought we would look at the playa and see how it has changed over the winter and if our secret spot for taking pictures was still there. Well, a LOT had changed on the plage and the area around it! Seems like evertything looked different from the plage to the woods! On the way to the strand we stopped at the local Ross store to buy some FLASHER GEAR and found this jean mini skirt and thought it would be perfect! Funny thing is, I was wearing some pearl string panties (they have pearls as the side and butt floss part:0), and I heard something bounce on the floor, then another and another.... One of the strings had broken and there were "thong" pearls going all over the place! hehehe Oops I got distracted :0) Anyway, Cam wanted to try some pictures back in the woods off the strand just a little ways and I wanted to try on my new Flasher Gear:0) It is Spring Break so you can't just run around naked everywhere! Hope Everyone is looking forward to spring as much as I am! Thanks!

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This summer has been awesome so far. Since moving I have met my boyfriend, a lot of great new people. I have also had the opportunity to explore some of my fantasies. I explained to my boyfriend how I enjoyed threesomes and how I would love to have 2 guys I really didn't know pamper and play with me. He surprised me the other week with a couple of friends of his outside in the gazebo. It was sooooo hot . Got a little concerned the neighbours would hear us so we took things inside and continued from there. I was walking bow legged for 3 days after. Can't wait to do it again!. Here is part 2 - I also sent a video clip to Homeclips so check it out there.

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