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Greetings! I wanted to send in the other pix I liked from this set because I was very flatered by the sweet response to the pix I sent in a bit ago (ya know the ones proving I know how to wash my butt! HAHA). Even though my friend was all mad at me when he took these pics 'cause I sent him IM messages on his celly until he came by, he made me look really good so I have to give him respect. I have always ended up in front of a camera since I can even remember, but I normally am not down with how I look. But I like these and one other set of pix on our webpage the best. I am 100% cool to take more so just hit me up with what you wanna see. Respect!

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Hello voy-zone family! After nearly two years of emailing back and forth trying to hook up...we finally did!!!! Sofia and her man are two of the hottest, sweetest people you can hope to know in this world! We met with the intention of just getting to know one another, have a few drinks, flirt, and then plan a big night out in the future...well, one drink led to another and then another...etc. Before we knew it we were caravaning down the freeway towards our house with evil thoughts stirring about in our heads. Once home we grabbed the camera and headed to the backyard. After several pictures in the garden energy between the girls was electrifying, so we decided to head indoors. The pictures that follow are just a glimpse into what went down that night...more sets will follow, we promise. (On another note...Katia and I want to say thank you to all the people that commented on the Kona set. It's people like you that help others overcome tragedy. Katia sends a big wet kiss to all of you!!!!)

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