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Jordan B: Just A Pretty Little Thing - Hi there voy-zone! Sorry for taking a while to post again. I have been busy lately dealing with some crazy ass DRAMA!!! Lame people with nothing better to do then talk shit and make my life difficult. There is just no pleasing some people. Ok, no more bitching and moaning, promise! I wanted to show you a new set I put together with my friend. I had seen a few girls on here use some cool looking solid color backgrounds, and I really liked some I saw using the color light blue, and so with the help of my very wonderful and amazing friend Jason, he painted a blue background and we took these pictures. He says he loves them and says I look like a 1960's Ivory Soap ad or like the older Playmate pictures. All I know is I think they are pretty! I hope you do too! Let me know if you enjoy these. Remember you can send me a message through my site or comment here. Oh oh oh, please please (with sugar on top!) tell me any ideas you would like to see me try and do! Hotter the better! Jason says he'll only help me if they are good ideas! <3 J

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Hi Kate, Jerry, Crew, and voy-zonebers!! All of your messages on my last few contris and the threads on the boards have been great! You guys really know how to make a girl happy! ;)~ This is how we spent a recent afternoon at home. We had a babysitter and nothing to do for a whole afternoon so why not get out the camera? I love jeans and that is just about all I wear when I'm just around the house. It can be kind of fun to just sit back and watch a girl get undressed out of her everyday clothes, right? The only problem with being a tease, is that it gets us both worked up. So as our little photoshoot progressed I got more and more...caught up in the moment. It made for great pictures, but part two will have to go in to voy-zone. That's ok with you right? *wicked grin* There has been lots of drama all over the BBs about those of us who post our links to our FRC/PA/PAQ sites on our contris. I have my own PA site and have ever since Kate started the PA/Fnudistproject two years ago. My site has nearly 3000 pictures, it shows all of my contris to naturist and RC, (nearly 100 now) and lots more. I still post here and support naturist and Kate, and plan on continuing. No upgrades, no pop-ups and no links to my "real" site, just an extension of my posting here at voy-zone. If you're not interested, ignore the link, enjoy the contri, and I will post more here soon. They will be complete sets and never just teases. See ya in Red or on the boards!! Love,

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