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!!Warning!! Pee Shots!!! Hello to all of you who can't get to my site on voy-zone. This time a mixed bag of one of the last things I did before going on our wet holiday with Lily and Joe. Remember when you are not into WET SEX please go on to the next contri, there are only two wet shots this time, but also a few nice other shots. lots more on my pages of course) For those of you who can visit me on my web page come to: http://community.voy-zone.com/ellenwnw/index.html or our friends page at http://community.voy-zone.com/lilyspage/ For all others...see you soon again here on these pages with wet and dry stuff and again thank you for all the nice, sexy and horny reactions to my last posting. Love and Pisses

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I believe that these qualify for EIP. My girlfriend Lani and I took our boat to Avalon on the 4th and anchored outside the harbor as there were no moorings available. Well, the boat traffic was relentless, the weather perfect, and the water warm and bright blue. As usual, Lani had to be topless to swim, and swim she did to the hoots and hollers of the fishermen, divers, tourists, and boat taxis. The funniest was when the glass bottom boat came by and full of tourists and all eyes were on her. Afterward, we went inside the boat and had some tremendous sex. Those pics are all at our voy-zone website. Thanks for watching. Thanks the posse at naturist you guys are awesome. No panties in public coming soon. (with the sweetest short skirt you can imagine!)

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