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When I told my future wife about free toys online she almost burst. I heard "Is it here yet?" daily in anticipation. Then it showed up next door. We had a smurk on our faces as the guy next door told us he was going to open the package and use it himself. (He had no idea what was inside!) We rushed in the house and got right to work. It seemed to be quite durable, even the controls felt good. We loved the wide range of vibrations. The straps didn't quite hold it tight enough and the use of a hand was neccesary. Watching her get that worked up I decided to jump on but the shell was a bit too hard. We concluded it to be best used by herself. We give it a 7 out of 10.

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Happy New Year! I hope your New Year's celebration was more fun than ours. Since the party we went to was boring, we left at 11pm to salvage the night. We ended up at a place called Jackson's where we danced a bit and rang in the new year. Not enough was happening there to keep us so we left to make our own fun. Just down the street is the Tampa Convention Center. We thought it is a perfect place to do some outdoor pictures. Although the lights were bright and it there was so much space, we managed to take them without getting caught. Except for one guy floating around in his boat (the Convention Center is on the water), and one or two cars driving through, nobody really saw us. (bummer) Aside from the fun we had when we got home, this part of the evening was the most exciting. Next year we are going to have a party and play our favorite board games naked. Wanna join? I want to also thank you so very much for all the FANTASTIC comments you left me on last month's contris. I would not have fun doing this if it weren't for you. May you experience much happiness, love and laughter in 2004! With love & heartfelt gratitude, Michele

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