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Howdy All!! Cybercowgirl Here!! Well I think we had a great atmosphere for this NIP... We were taking care of some friends farm and well we got little FRISKY!! We started out by the pond. A little buggy there so we moved out into the open field. The sun was so HOT... so I started to get comfortable and hubby well, was were UP for the moment. Well you can figure out what happened next!! A plane flew over head. Well needless to say we were a little take in by surprise. So off weran to the barn!! We started on the tractor than moved to the GUAD!! What a great time and day we had for this contribution.. ENJOY!! WE SURE DID!! ;p~ Thanks, Please don't post email address. Comments on the BB will encourage more Contri's

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I am an amateur photographer based in the San Fernando Valley, and I am looking for more women to pose for me. I have worked with local women that I have meet online and I am looking to work with more, so if you are interested in posing for me let me know. I had asked a friend, who had posed for me a while ago; if she knew of someone who had a round butt. I was looking to shoot someone with bigger hips and a round butt since all the women I had shot before were of smaller proportions. Anyway I was introduced to Sarah. Sarah was very open about her nudity having grown up a naturist. I had asked her if she wouldn’t mind posing with toys. She said she had no problem doing that, I had also asked her to grow out her pubic hair. I liked working with women who have a more natural look. She said she normally keeps her bikini line short, but would do it for our shoot. When I arrived at her home she had walked out into the yard in her underwear, I was like WOW! We shot inside her living room on a huge chair that was her roommates. I asked her to turn on her toys and really enjoy herself while I shot, and she moaned throughout the shoot. Afterwards she said she kind of liked her natural pubic hair look, she said it felt comfy.

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