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This A few Pictures of "Sexyteach" and her friend Katrina after an all day concert we went to. Katrina has never posed for nude pictures before, much less posted any on the web. When Stacey and I told her about all the great responses from people, she thought it sounded fun and wanted to do it. So, no time like the present right? We used Katrina's husbands new digital and went to the garage. If you enjoy the pictures, please leave a comment and vote. Finally, a comment to the posts on the comment page that complained to Stacey about wanting more nudity in the pictures....................nevermind, not worth the comment. Just enjoy the the girls. Thanks voy-zone, youve helped change my sex life,

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Karlee and I loved seeing her shots on voy-zone, and the responses at the BB have been incredible. Karlee is walking around on cloud9, and we've 'played' the hooker at the hotel fantasy three more times since then, each time doing kinkier things. It really does allow her to be more uninhibited thinking that I'm paying her for services, and she really gets into the act. Here are some more pictures from that first session that were already in PS10903 and PS10904. They probably have to go in Red Clouds, which we don't have a subscription to, but hopefully a lot of your viewErs will still write to us on the BB... Thanks, Kate, and we'll send more soon!

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