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Back again for your comments........ sent a few more in this time. (gets really hard trying 2 decide which ones we like the best so just sent more in.....didnt think anyone would mind.. hehehe) Thanks 2 all those that posted comments, we really appreciate the effort they have made and have done our best 2 get back 2 all those that took the time 2 leave a comment....... anyway really enjoying the comments but would love 2 hear more from girls and couples (not that we dont like the guys comments). we are seriously looking 2 meet other people 2 have some fun with. We're not into swinging as such but would just like 2 have a good time with others. so lets hear more from all u other keen aussies out there and see if we can get together......... kate sorry about the blocked out faces but gotta keep somethings a bit private. pls make sure that they're covered properly if i missed any...ta pls call "keen aussies 3"

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