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The first set of my camo (or BDU to some of you) pics seems to have really struck a cord, so I thought I would post some more from the same set. I'm also posting a similar set on voy-zone, if you want to check those out. Of course I can show things there, I can't show here, (more pink parts) so they will be just a little different. I keep seeing these posts where some of you guys think I'm a little thick. If I lost much more weight I would be a twig, a twig with big titties. Do you guys really like lookin' at twigs with big titties? I prefer my men and ladies to have a little muscle and beef, it's more to love on and fun to snuggle with, but to each his own I suppose. If you're going to leave negative comments over it please don't bother. I can do without those comments thank you. All positive comments with an included email will get a present from me, promise.

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Okay, soome of you can't stand reading long lists of information. If that's the case, skip the next coupla paragraphs. I like to shout out to those of you who take the time to contact me. These are the fans that made the next step in the connection, they actually wrote me back. California local fans - MrStagg (who just so happens to be my 500th fan - whoot!), Alameda Esteban, San Diego ollie, Solvang Gene (heading through your neck of the woods in mid-May), South OC Dan B, El Cajon bubster and Pasadena flyboy. From around the country - my Alabama couple fans Lady C and Lucky T, from Arizona ctwyle, Darkman and p8riot25, Bonny 'n' Bill from Colorado, Chris mnboyfla from Florida, Georgia's Lisa, David and Dan, luvtheoutdoors4fun from Indiana, Missouri Paco and pervy2007, North Carolina Dj, New Hampshire ryoko, Nevada TERRY, New York's Shenphile and frankn_futer, Ohio hokahey and Ohioguy, Pennsylvania's tmtrey, nicenate (Nate, you are #550), wyzardtales and kinkycouple56, Rhode Island PhiPhan (check that nick out =D ), South Carolina Mikey, Devastator from Utah, Lee and Madmuzzy from Virgina, porkfinger from Washington, Freak and Charley from Wisconsin and ross from West Virginia. From around the world - my Amsterdam couple Joo and Joop, Australia's samz, davidw and javaman, from the Great White North Canada's givemeacookie, ronl6s and Karrock, from the UK Andy, The Grinch and CaptainShiny and Al from Italy. And I can't forget my fans serving and / or working overseas - hekaitz on a merchant ship out of Spain and SeanCams. And lastly, my lost in the world fans - jld, Pete and Andy.

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