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*Je Stephanie Getting Cold Out There - Well hello again naturist. I tried to put together a nice little outfit for this contri for you. I enjoyed reading all the great comments and suggestions you put in there in my last contri for RC's and I am glad to fullfill a fan request in that contri for the ?bald eagle and a smile?**lol** That is funny and glad you luved it !! To fullfill another holiday wishlist item for naturist fans I put some vids together for fun kinda as a trial run. I was a bit hesitant to post them but the songs I set to them kick so much ass that it made the vid trial experiment so much better. I love the songs I put on there they are so fun and me and I listen to them in my car all the time. Love to hear back always and I hope these pics keep your Yule Log warm and toasty.. LOL..Steph

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