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Bonjour a tous mes amis de ce site que j'aime bien. Je vous remercie pour vos gentils commentaires a propos de ma derniere contri. Cette fois, j'avais envie d'etre photographiee sur mon lit. Je sais que les hommes aiment cela ... nous voir provoquante sur le lit, prete a etre soumise a leurs desirs. J'espere que je recevrai quelques votes positifs, j'adore egalement vos commentaires erotiques. Je compte sur vous, j'ai garde le meilleurs pour apres si vous appreciez cette serie. Gros bisous a tous DD Hello to all my friends of this site whom I love well. I thank you by the way for your kind comments for my last contri. This time, I wanted to be photographed on my bed. I know that men like that... to see us provoking on the bed, ready to be submitted to their desires. I hope that I will receive some positive votes, I also adore your erotic comments. I count on you, I keep the best for after if you appreciate this set. Kisses to all DD

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Hey nudistfans and staff, We received wonderful responses fromourlast two contris, Fair Fun 1 & 2! Thank you! Here are some shots we came up with just last week. It was a really exciting experience. Plenty of people were meandering around, while I played with myself in the nearby dunes. This is a famous location, many may recogonize. It has a constant influx of military aircraft flying touch-and-go's. They were flying so low and close to usthat I hope I didn't distract some of America's finest with my saluting. I'm sure the North Island Fly-boys got an eye-full that day! Hope to hear from all you positive people, especially local couples! Take care,

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