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OK... a bit of "fantasy" play here... Stevie is not REALLY what you find in the Mary Carey REMOTE CONTROLLED GIRL box that you might purchase at Cathie's Lingerie & Adult Novelties, but... we decided to shoot the set as if she were. What was NOT staged is that the customer's were contacted by the Email addresses in their comments left on other sets: four committed to participate, three showed up, but one left before we could start shooting. And a condition for using two of the people was that their faces be blurred. Not exactly what we wanted, but... after the prior Sunday of being stood up by ALL SIX who had committed, we decided to play whatever hand we were dealt.

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Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I posted, but I have a few series ready to go, so it won't be so long next time! :) I call this set "Unchained"... which may seem a bit ironic since one of the main accessories is the chain. But I believe that you can only unchain your mind by investigating your thoughts, your dreams, your fantasies, and your fears. I'm not going to tell you which category these pictures fall into! LOL Hope you like these! I submitted more of this set to nudistabout a month ago too (called ~Lara~ Does Boring Posed Shyt) - they may still be around if you haven't seen them. :) Hugs, ~Lara~ Self-taken with Kodak DC210 digital camera

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