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Kate, Thanks for posting the first series. Unfortunately we were out of town for a week right when they were posted, so we only saw the very last comments posted to the BB. Fortunately they were very positive, so she was very pleased and very turned on. She said I could send in the others I had taken but held back until she saw the reaction to the first. When I told her there were only 3 and there should really be 4, she stripped naked, spread herself out on the sofa and said with a wicked smile: "after you shoot, shoot another picture!" So I did, and I did. She's still a little nervous, but she seems to be really warming up to the idea. She asked me how many people would I guess saw the pics and when I told her thousands and thousands all over the world she gave me the best head ever and didn't put her clothes back on for the rest of the weekend - I couldn't keep her satisfied no matter how hard I tried, and believe me I tried. At one point I told her I thought I was going to need to enlist the aid of the local college athletic dorm to satisfy her and she simply laid back, spread her legs and asked with a dreamy smile "how long before you can get them here?" Now she has started asking about what goes on in Red Clouds. I'm not working just now so I haven't joined, but she sure seems interested in that site. Maybe......... Seems she may not be so sweet and innocent for much longer:)

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#P19789- Savannah Scannerbagos Kate - Here are 3 submitted shots of Sav's breasts. First 2 are from the crappy webcam (wish I could afford a digital) and last picture is some Savannah Scannerbagos... I worked really hard to get this awesome scan of my tits since I know how much you like good quality. My nipples are almost always erected and nice to the touch... I didn't quite catch all the comments off of the last contri, so if I didn't respond to anyone's message, please write again. Does the first shot qualify for See Through? I wear that camisole in bars and people go nuts! I'll submit some more of my shaved cat later! Sincerely,

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