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Hi Kate, Asher, Sailor and all the Crew, and especially all of you Voyuerwebers! You guys are great!! I can't believe how well you liked my sets of pictures over the year. Thank you so much for all of the magnificent comments!! I'm sure I'll be back before too long... ;-)) In the meanwhile, every good wish to you all for an exciting Year 2003!!! Kisses. Ciao Amici Italiani!! Vorrei ringraziare personalmente ciascuno di voi per le parole intriganti, appassionate, sempre gentili che mi avete dedicato nel corso dei dodici mesi passati insieme. Conto di farvi compagnia anche in quelli futuri... ;-)) Nell'attesa, Auguri per un 2003 ricco di gioia di vivere!!! Baci.

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I've been a member of voy-zone on and off since the beginning. Hell I remember when voy-zone premiered and hardly any contributors had there own sites (Now I'm showing my age). Back then we had a few beautiful women who contributed like Cherokee and weplaytogether and Becca. Now there are so many more like Giselle, Lexi and J Foxxx. These women have filled my nights with there beauty over the years and I felt it was time to start giving back to them (equal time right? women like to look also. Am I wrong?). Anyway this is my first contri so please give me some slack. I'd love for all the old and new Redcloud women to tell me what they think and what they would like to do to me...uhmm I mean see from me in the future. Thanks.

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