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CLASSY ( at The Waldorf ) Act 1 Hi Kate and Gang: Here we are in the heart and soul of New York City. And where's that ? No other than the world class Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, on Park Avenue. The view ( besides the one your voy-zonebers are getting ) is totally awesome. I haven't been that high off the ground since the home grown days in college. The best aspect of this series is that we needed someone to actually pour the champagne over my butt while my husband snapped the pictures. It turned out to be quite easy to summon a bellhop and ask him to do the honors. We told him what we wanted, and, in the true Waldorf spirit of helpfulness, he simply said; " Ah, yes, champagne poured over the lady's backside. I believe we can handle that for you. " Well, he turned out to be extremely co-operative, and he didn't seem to care how long it took to get just the right shot we wanted. With each click of the camera, he would turn to my husband and say; " Very well. Will we be wanting to try that again, sir ? " He seemed to have enjoyed his assignment, and absolutely refused to take a tip. " No need for that today, Sir. You have just added a chapter to my memoirs that I shalll never forget." Cute story, right ? When he was leaving, my husband asked him if anything like that had ever happened on the job before. He thought about it and answered: " I have poured a lot of champagne in the thirty years I've been here." And then he hesitated for a moment. " But to my recollection... it has always been into a glass, Sir. " Again, I want to thank those who are kind enough to say all the wonderful things they say when I visit this enjoyable site. As far as my e-mail address goes, why not just send it up with room service, okay ? P.S. This is Act 1... Act 2 is shortly behind.

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My life has been very busy lately, so here are some picts from last summer for those who appreciate my naturist efforts (I'll contribute some more very soon). These were taken in my backyard in Scottsdale. Sorry I have to blur my face for those with the kind comments, but I work in a very conservative industry that would fire me immediately if they ever found out. To the haters who can't find anything good to say, or say that I "staged" my last contri, I say why would I bother? I take my dogs for a walk everyday down that street often dressed that way. I live my life on an open golf course in Scottsdale and wear very little around town (It's always hot). Trying to find a public place in Arizona that you aren't seen by someone, is like trying to find a "quiet" place in NYC or LA -- THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE AROUND YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO. So save your comments or better yet, if you're more interested in seeing my neighbor in his car, maybe you should be spending your time on the Popular Mechanics website rather than naturist.

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