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I told my friend Tabitha to do a cumshot with her boyfriend since she is on my website and a few people wanted to see more hardcore shots of her. Anyways here it is, actually this was her first try and it didnt come out as well as I thought. The camera was a little too bright so its hard to see the cum and he missed the splurge shot. I guess its hard to jack off onto your girlfriend and take pictures at the same time. Oh well if you like the pics I will tell them to do it again and get the shot of the cum flying through the air. Thats the pics I really like to see. There are more pics on my site of Tabitha XXXOOO

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Hello nudisters! Kate & Crew! How is everyone? Great, I hope! Well, had a silly idea to get a bunch of money, throw it all over some sheets, and roll around in it. It was as exciting as it seemed it would be. Hehe Hope you enjoy these. There is a video clip from this night coming up in Homeclips if its not already there! :) Turned out to be a very nice evening! *Evil Grin* I realized that I forgot to mention to everybody what kind of car that was a few weeks ago that I took pictures in! LOL For the couple of you that said a Lexus....You were right! As for the mention of me cutting my hair in my last set of many of you said I better not, so you have made it a little harder to make my mind up! LOL Thanks for all of your thoughts! You guys are so nice! Take care guys and girls...xoxoxo Michele

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