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Well, I have gotten some really nice responses from the naturist gang that I just had to send in more photos. The first shots were taken when I was 19 at a campground near home. The rest are for those who asked for some closer shots of the breasts. One is a ST for Kate and the last one is a double WFI which I hope gets little Kate to stand up and take notice. Let me thank my "fans" on the naturist for all those nice comments and I will try and answer the mail on the BB but it is tax season and I'm a bit busy. Why not call these "Younger Natalie" Natalie PS: JUNE had to take out the last picture since it was "OOOH..."

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I'm always messing around in the yard, gardening or cleaning the pool in my bikini. After I'm done I hose myself off, get naked and jump in the pool. This time I told Max to put on some music and come out with the camera because I felt like having some fun, even though it was a bit cool out and the water was really cold. You can tell by my nipples that got so hard!I have to admit that I was a bit distracted because I knew my neighbors were home and the music might bring them out where they'd be able to see me. They see me naked all the time and have never said anything about it but they've never seen me putting on a show like this.I picked this song because of the lyrics, I hope you all enjoy.

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