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Hi voy-zone! Ok, this is our first attempt to post pictures at this prestigious site! This is Sandra. She is 26 years old. We both speak french, german and english, and we love the comments from other people. So please let us know what you think about this! If you like it we'll post more... be gentle! Bonjour a tous, voici notre premiere contribution pour ce l gendaire site. Des amis a nous nous ont assur s que ce serait une bonne exp rience et que la communaut francophone serait heureuse de nous voir. Nous aimons bien nous montrer et regarder d'autre couples. Voici Sandra, elle a 26 ans. Merci de nous laisser vos commentaires! Cheers!

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None of our vids show face because she can never show her face (it would ruin her career as well has hurt people she loves). But we recently bought a hot mask and wig and have a very hot session planned with a friend filming us (his reward for helping us out is to cum on her face and in her mouth). So positive votes and comments will result in lots of fun! Please be kind in the comments AND VOTE. Encouragement will get us all a lot more fun. And if we win enough money we will get a better camera for better quality. Sorry I had to reduce the size, audio, and increase compression to be small enough to upload.

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