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*** CAUTION BBW AHEAD TURN BACK NOW OR HOLD YOUR COMMENTS *** After years of watching the naturist and nudisti am finally able to give one of my own submissions. My girlfriend finally got up the courage to post here on RC. We ordered the venus butterfly on saturday night and awaited its arrival. As soon as the UPS dood dropped it off we were tearing it open to see what fun was inside. This was absolutely amazing because i had never seen her so excited to try something new. We tried out the toy and then she decided that the rinky dink old webcam i have was not good enough for a posting on voy-zone. So we went on our quest searching Sam's, Costco, K-Mart, and finally Wal-Mart. We bought a sony DVC-P31. My girlfriend rates this toy 7 out of 10, and plans to use it very often, most likely when the both of us are present. As you can probably tell from some of the pics, she had an orgasm. Here come the pics, enjoy.

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This is my first attempt at taking pictures at a public place other than the strand. We went to a public park at night and didn't think anyone would be there. We were wrong because just as my husband was taking a picture, 2 motorcycle riders rode down the walkway(you can see the look of shock in one of the pictures). We didn't even hear them because the park is right by a major roadway. We went back early the next morning but only took 4 pictures because I was so paranoid. It's different than the strand where most people are half naked anyway. My hat goes off to all the people that have the guts to pose nude in public. Thank you everyone for supporting me. XOXO Txcurious

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