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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor & Friends! Some of you may have seen our NIP's in Vegas. Well, with 5 days together many of you guessed we probably did more than flash in Vegas! You were right ;) We found much time to have fun in our rooms and other places as well. Some asked if we made it to Olympic Gardens, yes we did. A wonderfully sexy woman named Annamae tag teamed us while the erotic tunes of Prince played on, mmmmm. No pics from the club, as you all know they frown upon cameras in clubs. We took these pics during a fun filled afternoon...hope you enjoy! Thanks to all who write, we love to read your comments. And to Kate & the gang, Thanks for bringing us together & giving us a place to share our fun... Big Kisses, Pics were taken by Lora's Hubby and J

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