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The idea for this contribution was sent to us by a guy who has commented on several of Louise's previous submissions. The overall theme has Louise waiting for her lover to arrive to meet her. The "script" he gave us for each shot is repeated next to the relevant picture below. In the end for some of the pics we shot several different angles or ideas. So what we've done since is shown the series to a couple of other nudistebbers who have also commented on Louise's past posts, and we asked them to advise on the most suitable shot until we ended up with our final choice. They all seemed to have enjoyed helping out, so it's been a real naturist collaboration. Thanks guys. And we really enjoyed putting this together, so if anyone else has any ideas we could use please leave a message on the comments board and we'll get back to you.

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With the weather getting warmer by the day, we headed South for the playa, and found these wonderful rock formations along the shore. I must admit to being a bit uncomfortable being photographed away from home, but as there was no one around we decided to take a few pictures. This is the first set, and the second will follow soon. I think pictures like these are not really NIP, but are actually 'Nude Outdoors', but they don't have a Section like that, so here I am! Normally the only people who see me without me having some control of the situation are the people at the Camera Shop, where the film is developed, and they see altogether too much! (None of this high tech digital gear for us, and no 'Photoshop' to erase my faults ... *Damn* ... this 'what you see is what you get' is pretty tough on a mother of three ... we really must get a digital camera one day!!). You know I never walk through that Mall with Thorn in case the Photo Lab people recognize him as the guy who has all these nude pictures developed, and therefore the Blonde next to him must be the girl in the photos! Life before naturist used to be so much simplier ... but only half as exciting!! *LOL* @--}----

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