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These are my friends, Isis, who you may remember from several months ago in the "Continental Cuties" contribution, and Rio, even longer ago in "Something Wicked This Way Comes." A while back, Isis told me that one of her fantasies was to have a photo shoot with Rio. I didn't need to hear that twice, and neither did Rio. We packed up our gear and costumes and headed out to the desert. (More about the costumes, later...) Unfortunately, on the day of the shoot, Isis wasn't feeling at the top of her game, so we postponed the really sexy stuff for another day. As it was, we had a lot of fun doing this one. Good comments (and votes!) will certainly go a long way to encouraging the ladies to do more! Anyway, enjoy the view!

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Hello at voy-zone. This is the second of 3 contris for KellyGirl as a reward for being so good all week. This contri shows KellyGirl being stripped and then impaled with her long and thick dildo. She really likes this dildo because it fills her up. I usually use my fingers on her clit while I use it on her, just to give her that added little bit of excitement. After she had 3 orgasms with the dildo and my fingers, I unchained her hands so she could masturbate herself for the camera and she had 2 more good cums this way. I had a great time watching her touch her wet lips - I hope the tech quality of these pictures does her justice. Please title these "KellyGirl Gets Her Reward".

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