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Hi. This is our second time posting to Red Clouds, although we post a bit on the regular naturist. These pictures were taken one afternoon when Lisa was trying on a new pair of stockings that I got her. She got really excited and wet (as can be seen from the cream on me in the last couple pictures). Yup, thats not from me... not yet anyway. :) She often gets a little "gooey" after she has cum a couple times. Anyway, if anyone has seen her before and remembers her, she is a mother of 3 and is 36 years old. She gets really horny sharing these pictures and might even cream a pair of panties reading comments. (or better yet, on me) :) We hope you enjoy! Lisa and Hubby

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In Oslo, Norwayyou find the world’s (probably still) largest sculpture park designed by one single sculptor, and the sculptures are all in the nude. Summer was ending and the tourist flow abating. AsI walked through the half-mile long axis with my extrasensory “antennas” out, I felt the energy was just right for the complete version of my stunt. The photographer got terribly nervous when I told him that. Once I got started, a formally dressedOriental touristobvviously didn’t like what he saw; but what the heckcould he expect to not see when he goes to visita collection of nude sculptures on the other side of the planet? Other reactions I observed were either neutrally tolerant or downright positive. I even paused for anItalian tourist lady to allow her time for a good snapshot. To be continued....

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