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Dear voy-zone Gang, Here is my third contri titled "Katlyn - Fallen Angel." My previous contris "Katlyn on Vacation" and "Katlyn In the Mountains" were both made in the great outdoors, but with these cold temperatures we thought we would try our hand at making some in the great indoors. There's something to be said for 72 degrees when you are posing stark naked. As usual we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves both during and after the photo session. We also enjoy the comments from both male and female voyeurs. Can anyone tell me why posing for pictures and posting on this great site is so sexually exciting? Thanks,

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I know it may seem odd to post for someone who I have not met, but I have been a big fan of Nikki's for quite some time. We have VERY similar bodies and my hubby thinks she is the hottest girl on here (besides me of course). He is lso a pretty big fan of Jan's...heck, he is a pretty big fan of SEVERAL of you, but a fan of Nikki. So I am posting these for a littel funa dn to show my appreciation for her!..haha, Nikki, I hope you and your hubby enjoy these too, as well as everyone who visits this site!..You guys are absolutely the best and I lOVE all the wonderful feedback i get..thank you so much for your kind voting! Love and Kisses, Sacha! hmmm, how about a Sacha and Nikki post? i am SO SORRY there isnt alot more nudity!!!! I promise to get you some more! So let us know if I need to fly to Nikki's for a voy-zone post??? With her permission of course!

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