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I took theese pics at an adult industry expo (Porn Convention) last November. The pics are in the order in which I took them. I walked through out the hall several times, so if you see a girl you like keep checking back, she will probably turn up in a future posting. A lot of the pics contain no nudity, sorry but as my screen name suggests I am a faceman. They where shot with a Canon G2. This was my first chance to use this camera. I shot using all different settings from 4mp to 640x480. I reduced them using photoshop to 500x375 before croping. Several of the pics have faces blued out. They are fellow attendies and I Blued out their faces to protect the guilty ;-) The positive comments won, 6 to 2. For the 2 who posted about this being a nude site sorry. I have a total of 33 contris all of which contain at least 1 pic containing nudity. If thata€™s not to your liking here is a novel idea, DONa€?T LOOK AT THEM!!!!.

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What do you do when you're in a procrastinating mood? Like when you need to do laundry or study and you are totally not in the mood, yet, you won't let yourself out of the house until you've accomplished it. So you walk around your place looking for something else to do while your chores are staring you in the face. I was totally in one of these crazy moods on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Like most people do, I sidetracked myself and started chatting with one of my fans and got this itch to get naked again and post for RC. That's what I'll do today! I'm a sucker for steamy comments…the nice ones… and nice looking guys too. I wanted to capture the day and the moment so you guys now where I was coming from. You know you've been there before. Doesn't it look like a lazy Sunday afternoon in here?

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