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naturist Guys, (first time contri) I think those guys who complain about “fake” boobs have never gotten a hold of any. My latest girlfriend has implants, which I think are great! They’re not too big for her small frame, so they look natural and AWESOME!!! But her best feature is her huge nipples. They’re so big, they never flatten out. They’re like big wads of bubble gum all the time, but unlike bubble gum, they get harder when you chew on them. They’re so big, they cause her problems at work because she has to wear big heavy bra’s all the time. She’s a school teacher here in a very conservative town and she doesn’t want to excite her 10-13 year old students. In normal clothing, they look hard even when they’re not. God I wish I’d had a teacher like her. I’m sending in some polaroids she took before and after she got her implants, including one right after surgery, where they’re still swollen. Her nips are a little perked in these shots. They’re not quite soft, and like chewy bubble gum, but not nearly as awesome as they are when fully hard, either. When they’re hard, it’s like sucking on half of a AA battery. I snuck some shots of her laying out in the sun topless this summer where you can kind-of see what they look like “soft”. I’ll try to get some good shots of them in the bedroom when they’re hard and send them you guys in my next contri. Wish me luck.

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Hi everyone. Once again Kate, thank you for this awesome site. I just can't tell you how much fun hubby and I have had here looking at the beautiful women, chatting on the BB and even meeting a few of the ladies here. Sailor, thank you so much for you wonderful comments in the past. These are just some pics hubby took of me the night before we were meeting a couple of the naturist hotties. We had a blast playing and fantasizing about the next day, which was INCREDIBLE! Anyway, we hope everyone likes the pics and don't forget to comment. I love reading them, especially from the ladies. To all of you who left such kind comments on my last contri...thank you very much. Kisses,

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