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Its amazing how your memory is the first thing to go! The past few months have been a blur since I first met David online, discovered voy-zone, and started hanging out with him and taking photos for here and our site. Spending my final few days in the middle of BFE with my relatives I have had nothing to do but think about life and sneak in computer time. I can't even check out the latest contributions or catch up on emails because the internet connection is down half the time! I did bring some cdrs with me though and I am getting to sort through a lot of pics and video I hadn't looked at of me from a few trips and adventures. I am amazed how much has happened in such a short time! I'd even forgotten about this bedtime clothing set that I got around my birthday. I love how it looks but I can't remember where I left it. Losing clothes-it's a common problem I have with my wild life! LOL. Thankfully my memory is good enough though to remember to clear the viewed documents and history on this comp, at least-no need to give my family any more reason to want to disown me. Hehe

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Corset & Black Stockings With Seam - We wanted to share with the members. Venus is 30+ and I, Moon 40+. This set is from a hot afternoon we both got away from work and the kids were still in school. Sorry, there are no face shots but anonymity is important with that said you may find touched up areas to aid in this. Venus dressed up hot for me and I broke out the camera and things progressed from there. She is a dream to me and will do virtually anything for me sexually or otherwise as I will for her. COMMENTS: As the ole saying goes if you can't say anything nice then just don't say anything! I Hope you enjoy the pics and let us know if you want to see more. Cheers, Venus & Moon

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