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Hi naturist gang, We are a contributor of old on the naturist but we have not been around for a while. This time I am contributing solo... well, not really solo but with someone other than my wife whom I have done my past contributions with. Actually, she was kind enough to take the pictures for me this time instead of being in them. These were done with a friend of mine..... I have a way of picking up wayward friends I guess... heheh Alanna is a dancer at a local Deja Vue club and I invited her to come up to a clothing optional resort that we belong to. To my surprise... she said SURE. After hanging out in the sun all day we were waiting for the coals on the bar-b-que to get ready and she noticed me walking around at half mast so to speak. She offered to "Help me out" with things and the rest is history... documented in pictures! Enjoy them.. I know I did. It was actually tough picking out a few that were tame enough for the naturist rules. I'm Taz.... not a playa, just one LUCKY son of a bitch..... Regards, till next time!

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It's me again, the plumper. It's crazy with this set of pics. I love to chat on the computer, I mostly chat on Yahoo clubs. I'm a chat junkie...I guess that explains the weight problem, to many computer munchies....hehehe I met this girl on the web, and she lived in my area, so she came over one night, I got her but ass wasted, and I took advantage of her. I had to get her drunk, when she showed up at my door, she was surprised to see how big I was,(I only show a distorted view from my webcam, so it hides my fat), so I felt her disappointment in the air. The only thing to do in a situation like that, is to break out the alcohol. We drank some, but I did the ole, water for me , vodka for her......tehse pics tell alittle of the story. Make sure you keep an eye out so you can catch the next set...

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